The Economics of Education

bakesaleOver Labor Day Weekend, otherwise known as back to school weekend, papers across the nation ran articles combining the headline topic of the recession, with that of children heading off to school for the fall.  The Oregonian ran an interesting and informative story on preserving funding for special education while the New York times ran one on funding programs for the homeless children heading off to school this week.   All this while our current cost of war (at the minute that I am typing this sentence) in Iraq and Afghanistan is $906,749,889,105.

Deja vu?  Why do these kind of articles take me back through my lifetime in education to this old T-Shirt I first wore back when Reagan’s USDA was classifying ketchup as a vegetable as part of the effort to save $1 billion on the federal child-nutrition funding while at the same time his Defense Department was investing $1.557 billion in the already then debunked Strategic Defense Initiative.

Anyway… good articles and make me think I will post some thoughts on what I have seen when children live at the intersection of special education services and homelessness here in the near future.


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