Obama’s very dangerous Education Speech

Parental consent is no longerwell maybeyet advised:
Part 1

Part 2

What if you made it rebellious to listen to this speech?

What if you told the nations teens, “Noooooo do not listen to this man, do not do what he says, this is a dangerous man…. ”

And you implied or outright stated that Democrats are bad and perhaps no actually unAmerican, that people of color are dangerous, and they should never never listen to them…  This is your brain on drugs….

Wellllllllll even I could have advised the GOP from the failure of  media campaigns trying to influence youth actions through fear and loathing – ‘our nation’s youth’ seem to be persistently attracted to the no no’s.

But hey as an educator I guess I should say thanks GOP for making this message dangerous and edgy! Maybe we can play good cop bad cop effectively afterall!

And now on to other distractions.


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