Another Islamophobe incident minimized by educators…

The question I have to ask after reading this article is, what exactly does the Ann Arbor school district believe constitutes a hate crime.

Here is what happened:   According to multiple news reports on September 10th a 16-year-old Muslim girl of Iraqi descent was attacked by five African-American students in Ann Arbor.  This was at the end of the first day of the school year and according to most reports the student was drug from her school bus during the assault which left her with injuries which required stitches.

The assailants said “(expletive) Arabs, they are dirty,” pulled the girl’s Islamic headscarf off, and dragged her to a nearby home where she suffered injuries from an assault that required six stitches, the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said Wednesday. The incident started on a school bus, the group said.

Another report indicates that her brother went to defend her and was the recipient of a racial and religious onslaught of insults as well.

And yet interestingly, according to this report, the school district has stated that these actions do not constitute a hate crime.

Liz Margolis, a spokeswoman for Ann Arbor Public Schools, says the school has completed an initial investigation and has disciplined two girls and two boys involved in the incident. Margolis says the schools investigation suggests the event was not a hate crime.

Now that is what I call getting schooled in exactly where your ethnic and religious community stand with the school district officials.  And isn’t Ann Arbor one of those rumored liberal havens – you know those small university cities nestled in conservative regions which are tagged as ‘liberal’ and ‘tolerant’ where multicultural all too often means food.  Seems to me those sorts of communities get really testy when their tolerance is called into question…

Update:  The State Civil Rights Office thinks maybe the school district might need a little schooling in Civil Rights Law.

And sure enough there is some of that,  “Don’t you be telling us we’re not tolerant!” attitude going on already:

Kelvin Scott, the director of the department of Civil Rights says, “We urge Ann Arbor schools not to treat this as an isolated incident to be resolved by discipline alone, but rather, to acknowledge the broader issues involved. The inclusion of conflict resolution and cultural competency programming is needed immediately and for all students. To have such an occurrence take place as the new school year begins is truly disheartening.”

…Ann Arbor Superintendent Todd Roberts (responds that) the district “certainly took appropriate discipline and are working to provide conflict resolution to the students involved.”

He also said the district has a in-depth cultural competency program already in place.

And just one final professional OMG – the bus drive DROVE AWAY and then called the police, leaving this child to be beaten upon  by a group of people because you know, it’s not my job….


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