A legal victory for female and LGBTQ youth

Here is a headline from GLSEN:  ACLU Settles with California school over issues of sexist and anti-LGBT harassment

According to the this reports, the ACLU represented an openly harassed student at a school where the now ex-principal Fal Asrani earlier in the year made headlines when she canceled a student production of “Rent,” which features gay characters.  Not surprisingly a primary plaintiff in this case was a young girl who played a lead in this very same production!  And guess what, she became the object of school wide ridicule and hatred as well as the victim of targeted threats of sexual violence.

According to reports, the parties agreed to the negligence of the school officials in curbing what the ACLU and the court considered despicable threats of violence and determined that the district must do the following:

Under the agreement, district officials will provide a written apology to Ms. Ketchum.

The district also will provide mandatory training sessions for administrators, teachers and students that will focus on the harmful impact of sexual discrimination and harassment, as well as on federal law and district complaint protocols to be followed whenever anyone experiences discrimination or harassment based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sadly there was such overwhelming evidence of professional negligence and bias, the ACLU was able to dictate the outcome. None the less – these legal precedents are so necessary in order to demand accountability from school officials. Thank you ACLU!


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