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Bea Arthur leaves $300 to gay youth

I just saw this headline and it made me smile.  And since a friend pointed out to me last night that this blog doesn’t smile enough, here you go: Bea Arthur leaves $300 to gay youth
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This week in Dangerous Ideas

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International Student Tazed in his Apartment

Here at home a Chinese student was recently tazed by a Eugene police officer in his own apartment.  Police investigate after Chinese student shocked with Taser.  The police explain that a language barrier prevented the officer from understanding that the student was the rightful renter of the property and thus a tasing was necessary.  The story has more details and there is a meeting for students on campus set up on Monday Nov 2 at the MCC from 4:30-6 with Chief Pete Kerns and Police Auditor, Mark Gissiner.

Thanks to Angry Asian Man for the news link.

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What Girls Learn: Recent headlines about rapes taking place at or near schools

Below is a very disturbing series of headlines along with a few details regarding a series of rapes perpetrated on school age girls at or near school grounds or at the hands of professional educators. These are headlines pulled from the past few weeks:
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Don’t look too close – A news story that stopped me cold

(*If you have had a traumatic experience with sexual violence the news article reported in this post may be triggering for you.)

As an academic I have spent the last few years really trying to understand the sexist and gendered violence that takes place within U.S. public school system.  I have this crazy optimistic hope that if I can paint a picture and explain the depth of this corrosive violence, there will be some in education community as well as the community at large who will respond. 
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