“Inappropriate physical behavior” on the soccer team bus

Just came across this little story out of Denver regarding a bus load of male soccer players:

“Inappropriate physical behavior” alleged on school bus carrying Hinkley High soccer players

According to the brief report a parent informed the police of behaviors going on on the bus, and although there are yet no details on what was happening on the bus,

Police investigators suspect that a possible misdemeanor sex crime and possible misdemeanor harassment took place.

Now if I were someone who has heard a lot of these stories, I’d predict that within a day or two the word ‘hazing‘ is going to appear in stories about this incident, followed by a public reaction something akin to hey ‘lighten up’ this kind of play has always gone on.  Then the family that reported the behavior to the police will be scapegoat while the public debates how or if the aggressors should face any consequences at all. And finally, the victim, after a painful period of public ridicule will move to another school community and attempt to leave this nightmare behind.

Update:  It didn’t take a day or two

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