What Girls Learn: Recent headlines about rapes taking place at or near schools

Below is a very disturbing series of headlines along with a few details regarding a series of rapes perpetrated on school age girls at or near school grounds or at the hands of professional educators. These are headlines pulled from the past few weeks:

Predators lingering near campus:
Man arrested in sexual assault of school girl

DETROIT (October 23, 2009)- A 20-year-old man has been charged in the sexual assault of a Detroit teenager pulled into an abandoned garage while on her way to school.

Orange County schoolgirl sexually assaulted

TUSTIN, California – A Tustin man was charged Monday with sexually assaulting a Tustin High School student while she was walking home.
On Sept. 30, 2009, Jimenez-Gonzalez is accused of following 18-year-old Jane Doe as she walked home from Tustin High School.

Rape Victim, 12, Describes Horrific Attack

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A 12-year-old girl testified Wednesday in the trial against two men accused of raping her. The girl was on her way to school in February when she says the men grabbed her off the street and drove her to an abandoned house off Orange Blossom Trail, where they repeatedly attacked and raped her.

Predators on the campus:
Students who raped classmate allowed back at school: Victim’s father files complaint against judge after remarks at sentencing

The girl had a 0.25 blood alcohol content level after drinking at a party at a friend’s apartment on Jan. 3 and was too drunk to walk or stand, Wechsler said at the hearing. She has no memory of most of the party, Wechsler said.
Two of the boys, then ages 16 and 17, carried her into a bathroom, where the third boy, then 16, was waiting, Wechsler said. They undressed her, had sex with her raped her and left her on the floor, she said.

Teacher charged with aggravated sex assault: Officials say Bexar Co. educator used Bible to persuade victims

Authorities said Rosseau’s secret society, which included him and two of the girls, began to unravel last month, when the third teen balked at joining the group.  That teen told authorities that the two girls who were members of the society, which they referred to as an “order,” attempted to recruit her into the group on two weekends in September. To become a member, the two girls told the teen, she had to be “intimate” with Rosseau to establish trust, according to an arrest affidavit.

Lawsuit: Girl Sexually Assaulted On School Bus

WATERBURY, Conn. Waterbury officials and a bus company are facing a lawsuit alleging they didn’t do enough to prevent a 14-year-old girl from being sexually assaulted by an older male student on a city school bus.

School did not report alleged sex assault of 12-year-old girl: Two students were arrested but the girl’s parents called police

HAWAII – Kamehameha Schools did not report to police that a 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted, allegedly by two 13-year-old boys, in on-campus dorms, instead leaving it to the girl’s parents to report the incident.

Onlookers joining in on rape outside a school dance:
Witness to an assault: Must you report it? – this is a question !#*!?*#  As many as 20 males ages 15 to 21 raped and watched the rape of a 15-year-old girl outside of a homecoming dance on Saturday, October 24th, 2009.

Teachers preying on students after hours:
Police Investigate Other Potential Victims in Nolan Rape Case –  (sexual assault by the teacher/coach)

Tom Nolan, a 39-year-old social studies teacher in the Ellenville Central School District, was arrested by the New York State Police out of Liberty on October 22. He was charged with rape in the third degree and endangering the welfare of a child, a class E felony and a misdemeanor, respectively. The victim in the case was a female 16-year-old student in the Ellenville Central School District. Nolan was formerly the coach of girls’ basketball and girls’ golf at Ellenville High School, but stepped down from his coaching responsibilities before the fall 2009 season.

Okanogan teacher charged with rape

Bradley R. McGaha, 45, was summoned to Okanogan County Superior Court on Oct. 15, where he was charged and arrested, then released on his personal recognizance.  McGaha has been a teacher since 1998, and has coached varsity and junior varsity softball, junior varsity football, and middle-school girls and boys basketball.
Charges came after a teenage girl told a school counselor that she had been sexually assaulted by McGaha once during summer 2008. She then told Okanogan County Sheriff’s Detective Kreg Sloan on Oct. 6 that McGaha had touched her in a private area under her clothes on one occasion, according to the detective’s statement filed with the charge.  Sloan also interviewed McGaha, who admitted he once touched the girl inappropriately, according to court records.

Is this how we school our girls to become the women of tomorrow. With terror and certainty that they could become the object of someones sexual violence and destruction at any turn. The girls in most of these cases were drugged in one manner or another and then raped. This most recent two and a half hour gang rape in Richmond appears to have fallen under the same pattern and has really really broken my heart. The crowd, the cell phone pictures, people coming and going and bragging about it at parties…

When something is this pervasive and this ugly and no one wants to talk about it, it is really time to talk about it.

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