Bea Arthur leaves $300 to gay youth

I just saw this headline and it made me smile.  And since a friend pointed out to me last night that this blog doesn’t smile enough, here you go: Bea Arthur leaves $300 to gay youth

Athur’s relationship with the center goes back to 2005, when the stage and screen star agreed to do a benefit at the request of a former set designer to help ease the center’s growing pains.

“At that time we were a really small, grassroots organization. We were only sheltering 12 kids at a time,” Siciliano said.

The amazing thing, he added, is that Arthur “didn’t realize at that point what a serious issue it was, that so many thousands of gay kids were on the streets of our country.”

It is really touching to know that there are fewer gay youth on the street tonight thanks to Bea Arthur’s big heart.  I am still sad that she is no longer with us.

We loved you Bea!

P.S. I first saw this news at Wicked Gay Blog

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