This week in Dangerous Ideas

Scholastic publisher advised author Lauren Myracle to rewrite her book Luv Ya Bunches to remove “offensive” language and a same-sex couple if she wanted it to be included in the company’s school book fairs.  In this book one of the four middle school characters has lesbian parents.

Scholastic defended the move. “Authors are often given the opportunity to make changes in the books to meet the norms of the various communities that host the fairs,” adds Kyle Good, a Scholastic spokeswoman, explaining that the title will, however, be available in the Scholastic Book Club catalog.

And in other news, earlier this week a high school teacher was suspended for offering an alternative assignment in which students read a scientific article about homosexuality in the animal world.

I recommend reading Elizabeth Meyer’s post about DeLong’s suspension at Psychology Today. She offers a succinct recap of perpetuated homophobia in schools as well as some notions of how to transform the education system. I know at least one of you is looking for that silver lining in these posts and perhaps critical pedagogy has something to offer.

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