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I have 42 midterm essay tests to grade…
So no blog writing for me today. But here are a few recent blog postings you might find interesting: (And of course you can post a link to an article in the comments if you read anything interesting out there on the web you want to share.)

Homophobia in higher ed. : Purdue Professor Spews “An Economic Case Against Homosexuality”

And homophobia wins 5 to 2 at the local school board meeting: School Board Objects to Pictures of Gay Americans – scrool down this article is just below the article on Purdue.

And in personnel decisions:
A transgender teacher is fired for well – for existing: Alberta Teacher Fired for Gender Change
While a straight teacher who openly complains to his students about ‘black fags’ well, he stays while the gay student who complained about him gets moved to another class:  Student Wants Illinois Teacher Fired for ‘Black Fag’ Comment

While in the land of racist Halloween costumes among the higher ed gang:
Blackface for Halloween at Northwestern: Northwestern 2009
And at California State / Fresno they’d like us p.c. folks to lighten up about the racist costumes: Seriously

And in anti-immigrant violence among our youth, today is the one year anniversary of brutal murder of Marcelo Lucero:   Remember Marcelo Lucero

And if you want to stay awake tonight thinking about all the sexual predators in our schools, just go to Bad Bad Teacher: The dark side of student teacher relations  for a quick gander at the most recent mug shots and stories.

And finally Mother Jones points out what report after report has shown us about systemic abuse of students with disabilities: GAO: Schools Abuse Disabled Kids
And yet local districts claim no liability toward the treatment of these children while at school:
Seattle: Family sues Tukwila schools over alleged bullying of autistic boy
Boston: Grandma makes plea for bullied autistic boy

And I’d recommend a little stop over at one of my smiles links after reading any one of these postings.
Now on to the essay tests!

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