Post-Thanksgiving Recommended Reading

Just read a few blogs on American Indian issues I thought you might find interesting.

First Latoya Peterson at Racialicious has a post doing a racial critique of the preteen to adult best-selling Twilight series.
Running With the Wolves – A Racialicious Reading of the Twilight Saga This is a series of books every girl in the middle school I work with has read or is reading. I myself haven’t had an interest in these books beyond having girls tell me about the plot, a very interesting conversation in itself.   But none of my youth reviewers ever mentioned a supporting character named Jacob before.  So I listened to a review of the latest Twilight film on Fresh Air the other day and found myself shaking my head at the romantic exoticism and animal conflation of this Indian character Jacob Black.  As the reviewer related the story of the Indian werewolf Jacob I recall looking right into my car radio as if to ask if this is really the text of this book.    Turns out yea.  Latoya does a nice job of pulling from text to illustrate the deep and overt racism presented in this series.

Second Debbie Reese has a little post on “Native American Day” .  Well initially it simply points to the absurdity of the national date chosen (today) for learning more about and celebrating Native Americans.  I mean seriously selecting a dedicated no school day as the day set to aside for American Indian celebration and public awareness.  That ought to go by without a blink.  And to attach Native American Day to Thanksgiving weekend.  How tidy.  But setting that aside what is lovely about Debbie’s post is that it will link you off to a new blog called Beyond the Mesas.  The site with writing about the Indian boarding schools  is new enough that I was able to read through much of it in a single sitting.  This is a little web wandering that is really worth the trip.

And finally at the FIRM site it looks like the young Pro-Immigrant activist Robert Erikson is still busily pointing to the naked empire. Erickson’s Columbus go home movement is really making things interesting in Minnesota. (While Erickson’s activism is on immigration issues and not strictly on American Indian issues – the groups work is regularly pointing a bloody finger at the Euro-American empire and the atrocities inflicted by this group of immigrants.) Here is a link to another article on the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Coalition (MIRAc).

And that’s all the time I have for now. Thanksgiving is now behind me and it is on to bigger and better complications. Putting a tree in the living room this weekend – let the next cultural mash-up begin.

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