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“It started out as good natured fun but it got a little too rough,”

according to district Superintendent Dr. Freeman.

What was the good-natured fun gone awry?  Oh you know just another incident of team based hazing that resulted in older and bigger males sexually assaulting their younger peers.  From a Nov. 17th report in Montgomery County, Kentucky:  Middle School Hazing Incident

“Some of the 7th grade boys had gotten some of the 6th grade basketball team in the locker room and they were taking Gatorade bottles and sticking them up the behinds of the 6th graders,” Davis said.

After a three-day suspension the hazers are back on the team.  Assault charges are pending.

And just in case you think this kind of behavior is serious – Dr. Freeman spent a few days telling the press and parents to lighten up:

On Nov. 11 in a locker room, “the horseplay got too rough,” Freeman said. The seventh-graders were grabbing sixth-graders “and trying to take a Gatorade bottle — everybody was fully clothed — and ram it up their rear,” he said.
The younger students had some bruises and scratches, and the fracas stopped when a coach entered the locker room, Freeman said. “Nobody called out or hollered to the coaches who were right outside the door.”

I mean really, lighten up you bunch of girls.


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