What if a trip to see Santa could get you deported

In Houston some poverty relief organizations decided to ask for proof of citizenship in order to receive gifts from the ‘charity’ Santa Clause. 

According to the Houston Chronicle: The Salvation Army and a charity affiliated with the Houston Fire Department are among those that consider immigration status, asking for birth certificates or Social Security cards for the children.

The point isn’t to punish the children but to ensure that their parents are either citizens, legal immigrants or working to become legal residents, said Lorugene Young, whose Outreach Program Inc. is one of three groups that distribute toys collected by firefighters.

Now don’t go all soft on me here.  The charities have since explained:

“They ask,” Flanagan said of the Outreach Program Inc., which distributes toys collected by the Houston Fire Department. “If (people) don’t have identification, they still get in. I wouldn’t have the program if they didn’t.”

See, no worries.  Come on by and we’ll check your papers in exchange for a toy dollie.   And hey, even if you don’t have any – Merry Christmas.  And as long as this doesn’t turn into some sort of ICE raid or other terrorizing tactic for immigrant families, it’s really a win win situation for all of us.  Isn’t it!

Thanks to Melissa at Shakesville

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