Really – you have to read this blog…

Just a few moments ago, while looking for something else I stumbled upon this:

‘Highest Paid Man on Wall Street’ Ignites Culture War at His Kid’s Prep School

Hugh “Skip” McGee III has a rumored $25 million salary at Barclays, and he finds lefties and lesbians just sickening. In an epic letter to the board of his son’s school, he implores the “silent majority” to strike back.

This posting about events just this past month left me slack-jawed, though too busy for anything more than a link up.  If  this letter is for real it is an amazing and verbally excessive example of so many forms of priviledge  –  it is a must read for any education class on the entitled reproduction of gender and social class priviledge in schools.  It is such a funny letter I cannot be sure it is legit.  But the tantrum text is so funny either way – just read it.


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