And what were the teachers at South Philly doing on Dec. 3rd…

“Where you from?” “Hey, Chinese!” “Yo, Dragon Ball.” “Are you Bruce Lee?” “Speak English.”

These are all slurs from staff, not students, at South Philadelphia high school according to Ellen Somekawa, Executive Director of Asian Americans United.

For earlier postings on the racial and anti-immigrant violence against Asian students at South Philly High on December 3 see
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For more extensive student testimonial go to this link at Asian Americans United.
For some very thoughtful blogging on the history of this problem as well as some intelligent moves forward read Latoya Peterson’s posting at Racialicious.

And finally I linked earlier to Angry Asian Man’s posting that concludes with district contact information.

When I first read about this two weeks ago I had to ask myself, what kind of school environment might result in a one day full tilt open and public physical assault in Asian Immigrant youth? 

Well, at this point I think the picture is getting clearer and clearer.



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