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The so-called boy mystery  …Yes, there are numerous potential explanations for the under-representation of men in higher education–and in particular the growing female advantage in terms of bachelor’s degree completion.

Feminizing women’s sports teams  …Female athletes, and women’s sports teams, thus often feel a lot of pressure to prove their heterosexuality to quell homophobic fears and to make women’s sports appealing to a broad audience.

A message to wold leaders from global youth …Following the failure and collapse of the 2009 Copenhagen UN climate summit, the international youth climate movement has the following message for world leaders: “You’re not done yet. And neither are we.”

How to Otherize your friends for Christmas …But what a minute! Your friend is Latina! Surely, that’s a hook to get her the perfect Christmas present!

Dances with Discrimination: On “Avatar,” Racism, Misogyny, and Disabled Prejudice …To begin with, Cameron might as well be paying Kevin Costner royalties, because this movie strides in the path previously carved by “Dances with Wolves 2.” 

LAPD drops ties with Boy Scouts...discrimination does not pay the bills.

From the soap box on the topic of autismAutism is not a childhood disorder.    Autistic kids do not grow out of it.

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