Another high school ‘incident’ under investigation

UPDATE (1/8/10)
High School assault caught on tape, state police investigation complete
Some important new details:
Some element of this assault was caught on tape.
This was just as I initially suspected a sports team group assault – usually called out in the media as a hazing.
It is now sounding more and more like gang rape – that ugly yet accurate term that I am betting will not be used.
And one of the attackers is the son of a local investigating police officer (local police have turned over the investigation due to this conflict).
Is this little conflict the reason the official information has been so obtuse?  I mean if you look at the typical coverage of this sort of mash up the acknowledgement of a sexual assault investigation is usually there right out of the gate. But maybe that’s just for girls, perhaps the powers that be don’t know that boys get raped too.

So now I am just wondering how long it will take anyone official in the community to use the words ‘sexual assault’ or ‘rape’ or anything remotely close to accurate about what they are investigating. Remember this happened Dec. 17th and the school and police have been aware of many of the details since December 18th.

UPDATE (1/7/09)
Allegations of Student’s Sexual Assault Surface

Reports are slowly trickling out about an assault at a high school in Michigan that happened on December 17th.

There are limited facts being reported thus far, only that six male ‘upperclassmen’ are indefinitely suspended while the police and school district investigate a December 17th assault (potentially a criminal assault) on a seventh male student. Oh and yes… that this assault happened on campus.

And according to a report yesterday, “The assault case was turned over to the Michigan State Police at the Sandusky post on Dec. 18, after school officials learned about the incident on school grounds.

Police and prosecutors remain tight-lipped about the investigation, but rumors at the school are flying about the alleged graphic sexual assault on a male student by six upperclassmen.

Not clear yet where this story is heading, but at the present time this sounds very much like some other male on male campus gang rape and sexual assault cases. The local comments following the linked report suggest among other things, that the victim was a friend of the six assailants, that this group was openly homophobic and that he was one of the smallest members of this group of friends.

My thoughts are with the victim as well as with all the other students who have felt threatened and/or literally been threatened with sexual violence while at school.

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4 responses to “Another high school ‘incident’ under investigation

  1. Cheryl Hawk

    I am a parent of 7 children 2 of them still in High School. I am appalled at what I have learned about this gang rape on a fellow student!! I cannot believe it happened at all let alone on school grounds!! Where were the staff members at this time?!!! Further more those boys should be expelled from school permanently and have rape charges against them and put in jail!!!! My heart goes out to the young man they assaulted and his family. To the young man hold your head high and don’t let them be the winners here, you did nothing wrong!!!! Bless you !

  2. chuck

    This is still America and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The story has not been fully released and all of the facts are not in yet. The media has a nice way of twisting facts to raise their popularity rates. You always have to keep an open mind on the situation until all the facts are in and the court decision has been made.

  3. Julia

    I completely agree with your point. I would add that the court system you point to also does not have a good track record with regard to addressing cases of sexual assault.
    Here are some U.S. Justice Department statistics on the criminal and judicial system addressing rape and sexual assault.

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