If there is an “incident” in a locker room…

it’s a good bet someone was sexually assaulted.

It is beginning to look like when the word incident is connected to the words locker room, it may be earning a new definition.    Thanks primarily to middle and high school sports teams incidents in locker rooms generally turn out to be sexual assaults.

I noticed the use of this term  following the “incident” just before winter break in Michigan in which six boys appear to have sexually assaulted a teammate following a game on Dec. 17th.

And in seeking details on this event,  I just discovered an “incident” in Illinois in which a group of boys is accused of sexually assaulting a boy.  (Have to give a nod to the nice racist school mascot at the link too.)

Not to mention that “incident” I posted on a while back in Kentucky that the superintendent called horseplay.

And then there was that nasty “incident” with the foot ball team in New Mexico that is resulting in criminal convictions for the rapists.

So I guess you may as well go read about the incident in Illinois.  So far in this case the term “incident” means three boys are accused of sexually assaulting a fourth boy in a locker room.

Since the first report of this incident the three attackers have been expelled and now they are facing criminal charges.

There are 598 comments attached to the first report of the incident, indicating the array of ideas people have about this type of behavior.  The comment sections of the article on the Michigan case are similar in tone.  Not a pretty spectacle.  But certainly not so rare as some would believe.

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