Around the neighborhood…

Here are two “too close to home” stories of violent misogyny that broke over the last few days…

Oregon Duck football star LaMachiel James is arrested and jailed overnight for, “charges of strangulation, two counts of fourth-degree assault and two counts of physical harassment,” of a girlfriend in Springfield, OR.


Junction City High School international exchange program ‘host father’ James McClintock, 51, is accused of five counts of sex abuse and one count of private indecency, all misdemeanors. Yes…assault of a female exchange student living in his home. Oh and along with being a host father, McClintock was also a volunteer coach for the H.S. football team.

I’ve no time to write about them.  But the former fits into the pattern of many of my past postings about school athletics and sexual violence and the latter fits the pattern I often track of predatory people – primarily men – using educational settings to sexually victimize young people.

This stuff aint just out there… it’s everywhere.  Over on my blogroll you see a blog called Bad Bad Teacher and another called Arrested Coaches these sites track some of this violence in the news all the time. 

And as I’m afraid you might have already guessed…they have new stories up nearly every day.

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