Schools in the news…

Just doing a little searching for a sample new story for class lesson and found a wealth of stories I can hardly ignore.

First came the many hits about girls being raped on campus or during school related activities.  I’ve just linked to one here.  Then came an article about a boy with autism who was repeatedly harassed and sexually assaulted by peers.  Next of course  I’ll just highlight one of the many current sports team hazing/sexual assault cases in today’s news (this season its basketball teams doing the hazing).  And in my news search I quickly found a few new ‘jokes’ to incite racist hate at some college campuses. 

I could keep going, but I really have to finish my power point on why sexual and gender minority youth have higher rates of absenteeism and higher drop out rates in schools… I got a recent news story to illustrate that point as well.  It’s the last link below. 

All in a day’s work.

Probe follows school sexual assault:  (Shreveport, LA) Extra counselors and crisis intervention specialists were at Rusheon Middle School in Bossier City on Tuesday, just days after two teenage boys were arrested on charges they sexually assaulted two 13-year-old girls at the school.

Former student’s family files discrimination lawsuit against Bainbridge school district:  The plaintiffs, Bainbridge residents Jay and Jan Webster, allege that their son, who has autism, was harassed and sexually assaulted more than 75 times by four high school students between September 2006 and January 2007 and that the district ignored the family’s requests for remedial action.

Criminal Investigation Launched After Carmel Hazing Attack (Carmel, Ind.) A 17-year-old student told police he had been sexually assaulted in a locker room at the school on Jan. 8, while a freshman recounted an alleged attack aboard a basketball team bus on Jan. 22.

Student apologizes for UC San Diego noose incident, claims no racist intent  (CA) The UC San Diego student reportedly responsible for last week’s controversial noose episode issued a public, but anonymous, apology Monday and said she’d had no racist intent when she hung the rope from a bookcase in the campus’ main library. The discovery of the noose set off angry protests at a school already tense from racially charged episodes and triggered a round of condemnations from UC leaders and even the governor.
ACLU fighting Mississippi school’s ‘no lesbians at the prom’ rule  (MI) Constance McMillen, 18, is a senior at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Mississippi. She is also a lesbian. And she wants to take her girlfriend to her senior prom.School officials said no. They said Constance and her girlfriend cannot arrive at the prom together and Constance cannot wear a tuxedo to the prom. They can both go to the prom separately, and if they both wear the “appropriate attire.” But then, if any of the other students complain about them being there, Constance and her girlfriend will be thrown out.

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