High School Students Demand a Stronger Anti-Discrimination Policy

Kirkwood High School’s Gay Straight Alliance gathered 940 signatures on a petition requesting an addition to the school districts Anti-Discrimination.  They presented this petition to the school board Monday night, requesting “sexual orientation” be added to the district’s anti-discrimination policy.

During the meeting there was a good deal of public testimony about harassment students had experiences at Kirkwood High.

Former Kirkwood High School principal Franklin McCallie read a letter he received from an old student who applauded past efforts to change the same policy, while revealing sad details about his high school experience.

“He was gay and hated every day of his KHS existence,” said McCallie, “he was regularly pushed, tripped, and called names. He considered suicide four times as a KHS student.”

And if you are wondering what does the school district have to say about this concern? Well this second article reveals they are not terribly compelled to add ‘those students’ to the policy.

Superintendent Williams acknowledged that including sexual orientation in the wording of the policy would “make them (homosexual students) feel safer from harassment.” But he and Board President Angie Bay see the problem as one of enforcement rather than legal language.

“Our anti-discrimination policy is about as broad as it can get,” said Bay after the meeting Monday. She told the petitioning students the board will give full consideration to the issue when it conducts its annual policy review at the end of May.

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