This Week in Packin’ Heat in the School Yard

The national news is reporting a large number of violent threats and violent acts taking place during and following the passage of the national health care bill.  Looking back at protester images and language over the past year, the meme of gun violence has played a key role in the ongoing public political ‘debate’.

This more and more open political tactic of threatening to shoot your opponent got me to thinking about how children are interpreting this sort of mode of arguing and managing a conflict. And that along with my awareness of the abundance of guns floating around in our society drove me to the following internet news query for today…

Google News Search: Elementary or Middle School Incidents involving a gun…

I was only looking for incidents that occurred this week.  So that means in the last three days (a few occured last week and were addressed this week)

So in a quick first run I found the following stories:

Middle Schoolers in LA –March 24th, 2010 A 14-year-old boy allegedly brought the gun to school, but it was found in the backpack of a 13-year-old. Another 13-year-old and a 12-year-old are also accused of handling the gun. 

Middle School in CAMarch 22nd The San Diego Unified School District says seven middle school students were arrested and could face criminal charges after two guns and ammunition were found on campus last week.

Middle School in TXMarch 24th  A 14-year-old student at Forest Meadow Junior High was arrested Tuesday for bringing a handgun to school.

Middle School in WAMarch 24th An Alderwood Middle School student brought a gun to school last Thursday and was expelled Monday, according to Edmonds School District officials.

Middle School in TNMarch 25  A sixth-grade student at East Intermediate School accused of bringing an unloaded pistol on campus Wednesday is being held at the juvenile detention center, according to officials.

And where are the guns coming from?  Well according to the National Rifle Association NRA (Do your own google search for the link).

There are 250+ million privately-owned firearms in the United States.  The number of guns typically rises by about 4.5 million every year, though between 2007-2008, firearm transactions cleared by the National Criminal Instant Background Check rose 14 percent. 

Where’s Johnny Cash when we need him?

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One response to “This Week in Packin’ Heat in the School Yard

  1. kristie431

    When I was in highschool we had a few threats but not like now a days the kids have much more access to guns. Kids that go to school need to be checked upon arrival for the safety of everyone. Or maybe do a instant background check on all the kids to see what has gone on in their pasts.