Gay T-shirt causes a ‘disruption’

UPDATE:  The ACLU and the school district have come to an agreement that in the future students will be allowed to wear gay positive messages on their clothing.   And that in the future homophobic bullying will be the targeted behavior for school discipline.  As an act of support the school sponsored and monitored a Day of Silence activities on April 16th. 

Here is the story from April 6th: School Sends Teen Wearing ‘Gay’ Shirt Home: School Board Says Shirt Would Escalate Prior Disruptions

And here is the take away quote I pulled from the video of the report

Administrators say they stepped in yesterday because of a fight that had happened the week before.

“We’ve had a few disruptions these past few days and we thought the statement on that shirt would escalate those incidences that have occurred.”

So as you can see, rather than having ‘zero tolerance’ for sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, or violence… the much more logical reaction is to send the gay kid home until he can quit ‘provoking’ people to attack him with his visible presence. 

I hope the girls quit provoking sexual harassment with their naked legs and all that too.  I mean really there are just so many people asking for sexual harassment and violence it’s gotta be just exhausting for administrators to keep sending them home to come back less distracting.

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