Quick updates on Prom 2010

There have been two national stories this spring about gay kids wanting to go to prom as… well as gay kids…
And here are the latest links on both of those stories:

Constance McMillan Latest: Mississippi parents decided to hold two proms, one for the lesbian and the kids they forgot to tell about the secret prom, and one for the rest of the senior class. And the fake prom plan works.

Earlier: Mississippi kids turn facebook into hate land for lesbian who wanted to participate in prom as herself.

In the beginning: Mississippi school board cancels prom rather than let a lesbian attend.

and finally

The other Prom victim of 2010 Derrick Martin, who has been allowed to attend prom,BUT kicked out of his house for making that public is now being helped by PFLAG.

Oh and he still sees and speaks to his dad both on the phone and at school sometimes, but hasn’t spoken to his mother, for religious reasons…

Do you consider yourself religious?
I don’t consider myself any denomination. All I consider is my personal connection with God and Jesus Christ. That’s really the only thing that connects me with religion. I do believe in God.

Are religious beliefs the reason behind your parents’ opposition to your prom fight?
Yeah, that’s it.

Have you spoken with your parents since they kicked you out of their house?
My dad calls me. We’ll just talk about just what’s going on and the different things I’m going through. He doesn’t support my lifestyle but he’s still my dad and he cares about me. He’s a math teacher at my school. I see him some days at school. He has a free class at the same time I have one in the afternoon and sometimes I stop by his classroom. I haven’t talked to my mother.

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