Social Class, Poverty, and Schools – Media to Illustrate the Point

So I was just sharing with another teacher some of the media I use when teaching about social class and education. Since I had to look up all my links I figured I’d record them here for the next time around.

There is a very good 8 minute PBS News Hour video clip from 2009 on Schools, Poverty, and homelessness.

PBS’s film “People Like Us: Social Class in America” (I like Tammy’s story where a boy talks about the contradictions he faces as he tries to access school from abject poverty. I think it is very good and about 8 minutes long) The film is in Knight and that scene about Tammy can also be found online.

The MEF’s “Class Dismissed” a look at social class in the media MEF helps render the construction of class visible.  This clip is about the racialization and erasure of class through cop shows:

PBS’s “Country Boys” is the story of poor Appalachian boys trying to getting through school.  The boys in this film could easily be rural Oregon boys. The full film is available online.

And then there’s the kids in “Books not Bars” (a 3 minute film from Media that Matters)  Books not Bars is a short film about black and latino kids treatment and push toward prisons.  The kids themselves talk about spending gap between rich and poor schools and the massive spending on prisons.

Media that Matters also has a link to a short film called “A Girl Like Me.”   The girls who made this film also make some class / race / gender conflation points about how they as black girls experience racism, sexism and classism in society.

And then there’s that ABC news video that can illustrate how race and class intersect. In the video white boys and black boys are set up in a candid camera simulation to graffiti and vandalize a car with different results…This video is online at ABC segment 1 and segment 2

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