GLee brings the issue of sexual and gender identity bullying to the news

There is a six-minute newscast online out of a Houston news station about LGBTQ bullying in schools.

Newscasters were spurred into action by GLee’s out gay character Kurt being thrown in the trash by a bunch of jocks as his teacher walked by oblivious to his humiliation and assault.

After the intro about homophobic harassment in schools  the newscasters talk to some ‘Out’ teens about harassment in high school.   As one teen Ashley explains, “A lot of the teachers and principals have a one track mind and so they weren’t really open to going and doing something about it. ”   The report shows a tiny scene from GLee where the teacher walks by and ignores or is oblivious to homophobic harassment of an Out teen.

Finally the report ends with an interview with an expert on sexual and gender bullying in schools.  She highlights all the negative outcomes of this hostile climate in schools.  A key highlight:  the vast majority of teacher underestimate, are oblivious to, or ignore this violence in schools.

You could contrast this news story with this other recent news report on a gender non-conforming boy named Cole Goforth in Tenn.   He is the boy who was sent home for wearing a gay t-shirt to school.  Greenbrier High School’s Principal  blamed Cole’s shirt for starting fights and causing disruptions in the school.  Could this be what Ashley was talking about when she said “one track minds”?

Each of these little broadcasts packs a lot into 6 minutes and each could be excellent starter to a lesson/classroom discussion for Friday’s National Day of Silence. 

You can make and then BREAK that silence about violence against LGBTQ youth in schools if you want to 😉

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