What can you say to ‘that’s so gay’

It's STILL Elementary

It’s Still Elementary…  
Hey teachers, administrators, staff, students and families:
Are you still dealing with the word fag being used in your hallways,  or the phrase “that’s so gay” being used by kids in class?    Are you still figuring out how to include various family structures when you create space for students to present projects on their families regardless of their makeup or cultural identity?    

Are you still noticing that your students who don’t happen to fit into the narrow gender stereotypes are often targeted for bullying and harassment — boys with long hair or girls that try “boy typical” activities or who wear clothes that look “boyish”?   

Are you wondering how to talk about stereotypes including the  words gay and lesbian in a way where you don’t get in trouble by the administration or with parents for talking about sexual content or the ‘promotion of a lifestyle’?  Are you still uncomfortable with any of these scenarios or unsure how to deal with them and interrupt homophobia, gender bias in your class?   

If  any of these examples speak to your experience then you, your family,  friends, and colleagues are highly encouraged to come and join us Tuesday April 20th for a film and panel that will speak to these concerns.  You are not alone!  Come take the next step!    You will see teachers and kids talking about these issues.   And you will be among professionals attempting to address this problem.   A discussion panel is at 6 and the film will start at 7pm.    Snacks will be provided.   I’ll be there with my family to greet you along with other friendly folks if you need someone to sit by.  And it’s free.  

April 20, 2010          It’s Still Elementary       6-8pm
UO Knight Law room 175

6pm        Panel: Education Leaders Discuss Sexual & Gender Minority Access to Education
Panelists: Dr. Robin Holmes, Vice President for Student Affairs UO; Dr. Kate Berry, Exec. Dean  Student  Affair LCC;  Peter  Tromba, Principal 4J
Panel Anchor: Dr. Jerry Rosiek, UO Education Studies Department Head
7pm      It’s STILL Elementary Film Screening
It’s STILL Elementary is a documentary which revisits the students and teachers from the original groundbreaking film, It’s Elementary, and discovers the profound impact of using film as a tool for social change.  This film is a powerful call to action to stop ignoring anti-gay slurs in schools, and work for more welcoming and inclusive classrooms.  

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