A prank gone too far ?!

McKee, KY — Last Friday, on the national Day of Silence three classmates took Cheyenne Williams, an out lesbian classmate, to a remote location against her will and assaulted her.  Cheyenne and her mother went to the police with injuries and a cellphone recording of the attack to press charges.  The mother and daughter claim the attack was based upon Cheyenne’s sexual orientation.   The three girls have since been arrested and charged with kidnapping and attempted murder.   And in the week since this event occurred the mother and daughter  have determined it isn’t safe for Cheyenne to return to school for the rest of her senior year.  Oh and as far as Cheyenne’s announcement that she is dropping out for her own personal safety  the school district officials say they ‘aren’t surprised.’

To add to the official indifference of the school board about to this event, the police and D.A. have repeatedly told the press that they have no concerns that this may have been a hate crime directed at an ‘out’ lesbian teen attending a high school where there was open controversy about the National Day of Silence.  And I’ll repeat the attack happened that day.

School officials said the “Day of Silence” anti-violence event Friday, promoted by the national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Alliance, did spark some controversy on Cheyenne’s campus. While some students wore stickers in support of the observance, others protested the event by wearing stickers that said “Gay is not the way.” It wasn’t clear which side of the debate the three suspects were on.

The police and D.A. have decided to disregard Cheyenne and her mother’s claims that the attack was specifically resulting from these three classmates pact with one another to change Cheyenne’s sexual orientation. 

The local media and police say in fact that Cheyenne’s out lesbian status did not have anything to do with her attack that day.  They have another more precise term for kidnapping someone, assaulting them and attempting to push them off a rocky cliff….. they think maybe Cheyenne got pranked!  And I am not joking here.

According to the local CBS news team the police have narrowed the motivation down to this:

“Does it appear this could have been a prank, or a prank that went wrong in any way?”, we asked Sgt. Feltner.
“Right now we have obtained certain facts that would indicate that might be the case, that it may have been a prank”, says Sgt. Feltner with Kentucky State Police.

So there we have it.   Prank is a new term we can add to the sentence “A ______ gone to far.”    So if you are tracking the terms for hate crimes and sexual assaults among children at school we have bullyinghorseplay, incident, and now  prank as news headline search terms.  These childlike terms help us to hold onto the youthful innocence of those accidental aggressors who “got carried away with their fun.”  

It is so helpful of the media and the authorities to help us along in finding replacement terms for harsher language like hate crime, assault,  sexual assault, and attempted murder.  Not to mention providing terms that allow them to cut down on the  longer headline that would be necessary to describe the graphic and often sexual violence enacted by a group of students on an individual they perceive as vulnerable, worth less, or as a community wide joke.  Lemmie just end this blog with a Wow 😦

But on the bright side….today the local news reports that Kentucky Equality Federation is offering support to Cheyenne’s family with the pending social, political, and legal quagmire.

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