A little end of the school national year news in youth, families and homophobia

Sometimes the kids just don’t care:
…as in the election of gay bff’s as prom king and queen in Hudson New York.

And the families get along just fine:
…as in this study on these well-adjusted 17 year-old children raised by lesbian parents.
…and this one that discusses how gay fathers sacrifice career outcomes to devote more of their lives to parenting.

Even as some among the grown-ups protest just a little too much:
…as a school board member is equating a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance), a club advocating tolerance and community with a Nazi club.

…and the Boy Scouts of America are willing to pay the legal price of discriminatory practices in order to keep blaming the gay community for crimes they know all too well to be related to married men volunteering to be troop leaders in order to get access to one another’s children.

…and the Catholic activist readily justify the banning the children of LGBT parents from Catholic schools with the claim that these children, “would bring to school something obscene or pornographic, or refer to such things in conversation, as they go along with the same-sex lifestyle, which — as not being related to procreation — is inherently eroticized and pornographic.”  And this article is issued the very week that the Pope appeals to God for forgiveness for the predatory actions of his celibate men of the cloth.

And so another school year ends and another sunny summer begins for all of us.  Let’s hope everyone gets a much needed rejuvenation over the next few months and is ready in the fall to address one another with humanity and social justice for all.


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