My favorite “It Get’s Better” so far…

I am sick and tired today. Literally.  And even though there has been so much going on lately that has been on my mind I just don’t have the will to blog about the rampant homophobia and despair we’ve witnessed during the first month of the school this year.

And  aside from trauma exhaustion, I am also feeling hopeful about the responses we’ve been witnessing thus far.  And I am wanting to feed that hope right now and watch it grow.  Based on the heart-felt responses of individuals all over the country who have quite honestly had just about enough, it feels like maybe things are going to perhaps get a little bit better. 

Here’s the home page for the entire It Get’s Better Project

I am so thankful for the many people who have been coming out and taking a stand against all this hate and harm.
Love + Action = Hope

And I want to remind anyone reading this if your heart is heavy or if you know someone in despair you can always reach out.
The Trevor Project is there to lend an ear and offer helpful advice.
1-866- 4 U TREVOR

And – – yes homophobia broke me in my youth too.
And I rebuilt myself with the help of friends and family.
And it is soooo much better than I ever could have imagined.

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