A place where boys become men by gay bashing

Yesterday’s news has a brutal story of gay bashing and torture that leaves me stunned.  Nine young men ages 16 – 23 beat, raped and tortured three gay men last week in NYC.    WARNING – I could not read most of the details of this article. 

The spectacularly detailed reporting of brutality pained and sickened me.  And the voyeur feel of the article’s narrative gave me the creeps and reminded me too much of the YouTube posted videos of brutality that get so many hits and attract such a wide audience.   Violence porn. 

No.  I do not need to read about the moment to moment violence of a 24 hour torture session…  


And in any case what really stood out to me was the ages of all of the assailants and two of the victims in this story. 

Among the attackers the “ringleader” was a 23-year-old and his accomplices were a 16-year-old, three 17 year olds, an 18-year-old, and a 21-year-old man.  Among the victims were two were 17-year-old gang recruits.  The third victim was a 30-year-old man the two boys implicated as also a member of the gay community.

I am quite sure the news will continue to talk about this “new trend,” alongside the discover of the “new problem” of gay suicide – which The View ladies speculated about yesterday – even though anyone with a google can tell you there’s nothing new about gay bashingMatthew Shepard’s murder took place in 1998. 

And there’s nothing new about suicide and depression in the totally marginalized and  legally discriminated against LGBT community – shoot even the U.S. govt. has been officially tracking this since 1998.

What is new is that the main stream media and main stream society kinda giving a damn.   Which is a necessary beginning to putting a dent in grooming of children into these awful social practices and personal tragedies.


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