A little more acceptance…

There’s more than one way to be a boy, there’s more than one way to be a girl.

This recent new story talks with understanding and respect about gender and gender non-conformity through the experiences of a family with a young son who wished to be a princess for Halloween.

Dyson’s mom wrote “My Princess Boy” and she and her husband have done tons of work with their community because Dyson is a happy kid and it sure would be great if people could just let that be.

Listening to this family talk about their very real social concerns for safety regarding Dyson’s taste and style of clothing I was reminded of the This American  Life episode Tom Girls.  In that radio story Lilly and Thomasina, two eight year old girls who were born biologically male, are interviewed as are their families.  All three stories highlight the threatening environment of school and community for young children who do not conform to rigid gender guidelines.

The stories also illustrate how three different families support their children.

HT Sociological Images for a posting about Dyson’s family.

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