Social Media Exposes Us All

There are three new viral videos out there in the youtubin’ blogosphere causing some to think, others to plug their ears, and of course others to shout.  All three were taped and posted to the internet by witnesses to recent public displays of large-scale homophobic and heterosexist rituals.

First about a week ago I saw a video on Towleroad of a bunch of Yankees fans singing their homophobic rendition of the old Village People song YMCA into the face of two opposing fans.  That video went viral and attracted both homophobic fans of the song as well as those who were enraged by the lyrics.   Later the person who posted clarified their intent in posting by adding in the closing images of the many teens who have committed suicides in recent days.

Then just two days ago I came across another telling video on Pam’s House Blend.   In this footage at a high school football game in Ohio about a hundred students chanted “Powder Blue Fa—ts” at the opposition team.  Apparently this cheer is an old standard at the school that according to the principal had been retired for a while but is making a comeback.  The schools initial response to demands to discipline the students chanting the homophobic slur was luke warm, but since the video and story have gone viral, things have heated up a bit for the administration.

And finally just yesterday I saw this latest article and clip of Yale DKE pledges chanting a pro-rape chant outside of the schools women’s center.    Yes, I did say a pro-rape chant, shouted by a large group of men outside the windows of the women’s dorm rooms.   Michael Kimmel has a good post about that incident.

I’m not going to post the second or third videos but they are all available in the links.  One thing that strikes me here is that all of these events were highly public and in each instance the ‘management’ had little to say until these stories went viral.  In the first two instances the songs and cheers are an open part of the culture of those sports arenas.   And in the third instance initial reports all focused on the “Women’s Center” expressing outrage and condemnation for a pro-rape chant directed at women’s dormitories.  I gotta wonder where was the general administrative outrage over this sort of criminal threat of violence before the Women’s Center reps spoke up and the video went viral?

Is it really that hard for these organizations to see these behaviors as intolerable – really?! 
Then I am happy there are vigilante photographers out there capturing these events and holding these organizations responsible for housing this sort of hate and bias.

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2 responses to “Social Media Exposes Us All

  1. Generation 26

    Behaivor like that just sickens me. I have straight freinds, gay freinds, and bi friends, and I love the same.

  2. YoursTrulyAnnie

    Seriously? Wow, this homophobic crap needs to stop. People are funny; once something outside their bubble of brainwashing steps on the scene they are quick to hate!
    The saying is true: “People fear what they can’t understand…”

    Yours Truly,