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Bullying…. Hazing….. Incident….. Altercation

In case you wondered… these are some of the many decontextualize buzz words used in the MSM to indicate a story about sexual and gendered violence at school or at a school related event.

Yes each word is missing the ever important fact that the violence in the cases is sexual in nature and is justified in the acts of the aggressor by the gender and or gender performance of the victim. So no, the term ‘gay bashing’ doesn’t often turn up news stories around the nation. But do a few searches for team hazing and then read the details – who are the hazers – who are the kids getting hazed and exactly what is being done to their bodies….hmmm

Oct. 2o, 2010: 

Football Coach Kicked Off Team Amid Hazing Allegations

“We were just playing around. We all got excited after a football game and humped each other,” said the student. That he claims, led to players bullying and name-calling, saying, “You’re gay, lesbian,” said the student. 
Of course this ‘horseplay’ / mock rape took place under the coaches supervision.

Oct. 20, 2010: 

School Football Team Hazing Allegations Surface

“A JV football player’s dad informed the school about the incident in the locker room where several older boys forced the younger ones to endure their teammates’ genitals on their faces.”
The leadership in this story knew what a was going on but appears to have thought this sort of male domination and sexual humiliation was kinda normal and didn’t feel the need to discuss it with parents.  “The father who reported the hazing tells WJZ that he was also upset that the school didn’t tell parents until he raised the issue.”

I could find many more stories like these during every sports season, but you get the point.


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