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Just go see this…. Queer and Loathing: Does the Foster Care System Bully Gay Kids?

A poorly titled article that would be better titled:  “101 ways the foster care system bullies and supervises the bullying of gay kids”

Where the author notes among other things…

According to the American Bar Association’s 2008 guidebook (PDF) for child-welfare lawyers and judges, virtually all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning kids in group homes had reported verbal harassment; 70 percent had been subjected to violence; and 78 percent had either run away or been removed from a foster placement for reasons related to their sexuality.

and later this….

The crisis facing gay foster kids hasn’t gone entirely unnoticed. The Child Welfare League of America publishes guidelines on the subject for social workers, and several states have taken baby steps: California passed a foster-care nondiscrimination law (PDF); New Jersey has established “safe zones” for gay youth; and Illinois, Connecticut, and New York have hired dedicated staffers to help them. But child-welfare agencies are only as good as their foster families—and many foster families refuse to take a gay child. Jerry Walters, vice president for foster-care services with the Jacksonville-based Boys’ Home Association, says his organization recently surveyed its 246 families and found only 21 who were willing to accept a gay teenager. Attorneys Linda Diaz and Kristin Kimmel (PDF)—who run a project focusing on gay issues for the nonprofit Lawyers for Children Inc.—told me that openly gay kids in New York are typically put into group homes instead of foster care. In New Orleans, gay teenagers deemed “ungovernable” by their biological families sometimes end up in juvenile hall.

Even Connecticut—which works closely with True Colors, a nonprofit dedicated to helping gay kids in the system—has a heck of a time finding them a home. They tend to “have lots of other issues,” explains Robin McHaelen, executive director of True Colors. “They’re not cute little Matthew Shepard kids.”

ugh… nice line from McHaelen there. Way to put Matthew Shepard in a little box of normal as opposed to all those broken foster kids who are also unkempt queers.  No wonder they are so hard to serve…..

Anyway, the article is informative and makes me want to blog.  But I wont.  I am editing and revising and have to stay on task. 


Damn it….

“Does this blogger hate heteronormative social service systems actively engaged in destroying human lives all the while wringing their hands and saying, “See at least we know we’re killing people?” 


Anyway, good and informative article documenting yet another huge and invisible crisis given the homeless rates among LGBTQ youth…

Thank you Mother.



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  2. Thanks for sharing this; it is truly heart-wrenching. I wish I had the ability to be a foster parent right now, but I’m still completing my studies and our family life really isn’t structured enough to welcome a child or teen who needs presence, structure and lots of love. When the time comes, though, (thanks to your post) I will certainly ask if there are any LGBTQ kids/teens who are difficult to place and I will see what we can do for them.

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