The history of U.S. public schools



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2 responses to “The history of U.S. public schools

  1. When I was a doctoral student at Penn State, I took a trip down to the Carlisle site, which is now the Army War College (the bad karma continues). Anyway, the saddest and most horrifying thing I saw was the graveyard containing the bodies of dead Native children who either died at school or in transit.

    Those who died at school were buried under Christian names and Christian crosses. Those children who died in transit to Carlisle were buried under Christian crosses and then name of “UNKNOWN.” Of course parents were never notified.

    It’s called “genocide” folks, when a government literally makes children disappear.

  2. Julia

    I hadn’t read about these ‘Christain’ burials before though it isn’t shocking to me. Reminded me of those stories of LDS baptisms of Jewish concentration camp victims.

    I have to search pretty hard sometimes for reminders of how great religion is for humanity.