20-40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ

ABC’s “What would you do” this time around is an episode in which a parent is laying out a homophobic tirade on his child. 

The candid camera scene is set with a teen/young adult child ‘coming out’ to his parent in a public restaurant.  His parent reacts to this news loudly with homophobic abuse.  Cameras are tucked away out of sight and the actors are set loose to ‘create a scene’ in the middle of a restaurant of unsuspecting diners.  The scene is run throughout the day with a father and then with a mother and child confessional/attack.  Each time the cameras pan the room and waits for unsuspecting people to react. 

Be advised* even though this show is an exploitive media game this scene is very troubling and for a variety of reasons it could be upsetting to watch.

For the record I am uncomfortable with many layers of the exploitive nature of this little candid camera game.  But I have to admit that I  have used a few of these “What Would You Do” episodes in past classes to illustrate concepts and begin conversations.  And I have found them useful.

Last year I used one on the homophobic bullying of a gay family in a restaurant and another on how people react to black vs. white boys vandalizing a car.  When screening both of these clips my classroom was filled with emotion both during and following the viewings.   

I have found that these clips can graphically illustrate some of my course readings on everything from statistics associated with race and discipline, to GLSEN stats on teacher and administrative silence in response to schoolwide homophobia, to in this case the ‘at risk’ status of LGBTQ youth associated with familial rejection.

So yea, I use ’em.   I’ll use anything I can get my hands on really.

That’s what I would do.  

Hat tip Towleroad

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