News updates on schooling homophobia from across blogland

I don’t have time to post but I always have time to read… so I’ll pass along some good readin’ to ya today.

Bridgette P. LaVictoire has a posting about the urine soaked LGBTQ books in Harvard’s library.   I found this passage particularly interesting:

Harvard is currently in the process of reviewing its LGBT resources. Currently, the only LGBT-specific space on campus is a 380 square foot location in Thayer basement. The Queer Resource Center has been reported as not being adequate for the number of LGBT students who attend the college, and a group of LGBT students, allies and other Harvard affiliates outlined the space on the Science Center law and then crammed into it. A crowd gathered around the group in order to show their desire for University-sanctioned and funded LGBT resources just four days before this incident occurred, according to The Harvard Crimson.

In fact, Harvard appears to be lagging significantly behind many other top rate schools. Such a lack of resources and attention to the LGBT Community raises the specter of problems such as those that struck Rutgers this past semester with the tragic suicide of Tyler Clementi, who attempted to, but failed, to get a new room assignment after Clementi began to suspect his roommate was trying to catch him on film with another man.

Paula Brooks at the same blog posts about Ceara Sturgis current legal battle with the Copiah County School District.  Last year they cut her out of the yearbook for dressing ‘like a boy.’  Now they are justifying that because she has been known to dress ‘like a girl’ sometimes.

In the latest brief filed in U.S. District Court, the school district is asking the court to dismiss Sturgis’ lawsuit, contending that the teenager had maintained the drape was offensive and a form of sex discrimination, but chose to wear a bikini top to the senior pool party, also a school function, according to the documents. Pictures from the pool party also appear in the yearbook.

And finally a bit of hope as Andy Towel has a brief post about the newly proposed California bill that would put LGBTQ history in to the history textbooks.  Lookout Texas… there’s another big fat textbook market in town.

I also got an email update yesterday from Basic Rights Oregon that they are continuing to work with the Beaverton School District following the homophobic removal of a student teacher this past fall.  Right on!


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