Pick up that broom and sweep

One of my favorite bloggers, Angry Black Bitch, once closed a post with her grandmother’s remark, “Girl, are you trying to be the first human to talk a floor clean? Pick up that broom and sweep.”

It stuck with me.  In fact now ABB’s grandma, a stranger twice removed to me, is often goading me into action when I find myself talking too much and doing to little.

So when I saw this young woman’s photo in the news today….

I thought to myself, hey isn’t that master of teaching student Sarah Kelly from Toronto, Canada? Isn’t she that grad student who started a Facebook page and made a YouTube video protesting the Halton Catholic School Board’s ban on school gay straight alliances (GSA).

Now there’s a person who knows how to sweep, I wonder what she is up to today…

Well, it turns out she and a large group of students and community members were all at last nights Halton Catholic District’s school board meeting to speak out against the district policy banning GSA’s.

A ban which was subsequently overturned: In a 6-2 vote, trustees decided to rescind the ban and shelve the equity and inclusive education policy.

That’s right.  Halton board members have rescinded their discriminatory “Equity and Inclusive Policy” that excluded gay youth.

I am sure there will be more to come in this conflict as the board will now rely upon their Catholic template for equity practices.  And as today’s article notes, The template is a version of Ontario’s equity policy that’s written specifically for English Catholic boards by the Ontario Education Services Corporation. A version which intentionally does not recognize sexual orientation or gender as identity categories in need of inclusive policies.

But the community response seen in the Xtra coverage of last night’s meeting and the leadership of these young people make me optimistic that this publicly funded school district which serves 29,000 students will not be allowed to quietly discriminate any longer.

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