Presto… she’s white !

The authors of Sociological Images offer some thoughts on the Whitewashing of Princess Presto.

I will simply reprise a song from an earlier post…I Love My Hair

My white eight year old daughter loves Super Why and she loves Princess Presto.

I reserve very hostile feelings for whomever at the Learning Curve felt the need to change her race.

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3 responses to “Presto… she’s white !

  1. Generation 26

    So let me get this straight…she’s white now? This really isn’t cool to me. I thought the whole point was to speak to little black girls about loving their skin, there genes, and the way their hair curls

  2. Julia

    According to the toy makers, she is peachy white for the consumer market either because they had no brown cloth or because peach is more aesthetically pleasing.

    So I figure there are two options and I have enacted both in the past and will here again. Buy more aesthetically pleasing brown baby dolls for my family AND insist our families child care places have an abundance of aesthetically pleasing baby dolls of all sorts of skin tones.

    And let the toy company and PBS (who licensed these toys) know how we feel about whitening their characters for the consumer market.

  3. Julia

    P.S. “aesthetically pleasing” was the term used by Learning Curve when explaining they toy’s skin tone.