“I was small and my mom was African”

Thirteen-year-old Nadin Khoury explaining why seven high school boys attacked him, beat him for 30 minutes, and hung him from a fence in Philadelphia one day this January.

The YouTube posting of this attack ended up incriminating the attackers and making a short-term celebrity out of Nadin.

But even as the newscasters closed the above story with their wet eyed expression, “What a great great ending to that story…”

The story goes on for Nadin and his family.

Monday Nadin told Fox 29 that his appearance on “The View” had some backlash at school, especially from some school staff members.

He and his mother explained that there are “no good feelings” about him at the school and he is facing hostility from teachers who feel implicated by their public claims that Nadin was not safe at school.

Remember the 30 minute taped and publicized beating he just experienced?!

Back to the politics of denial, denial, and denial… no matter the inequality or brutality, there are always eduction professional and upstanding community members ready to blame the victim rather than address the savage inequalities school yard bullies simply tattoo on the faces of those students living in the margins.


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  1. This is the story that I was refering to when I made that post about bullying acouple days ago. This story keeps getting worse and worse. Blaming the victim is just a way of not addressing the real issue at hand. Now school officials are hostile to the victim, this is absolutely ludicrous. How I feel about it is they might as well tell the whole world that they agree with bullying and are going to blame the victims. I feel so sorry for this young man. These teachers are doing a horrible job at representing teachers in America.