Someone else wrote it…

I have been in over my head all week and don’t have time to think, let alone blog.

So just in case you were looking for some thought provoking writing about boys playing with ‘girls’ toys here is another great post from the blogger mom at “Raising My Rainbow.”

What bugs me is that Dr. Phil did some good work after Tyler Clementi’s suicide. It is a shame to see the guy miss the mark by so very far on the exact same topic.

This essay is titled Dr. Phil Wants to  Make My Son Cry:

Dr. Phil Wants to Make My Son Cry Dr. Phil is on my shit list.  Here’s why.  His advice on parenting a boy who likes to play with girl toys and wear girl clothes?  Don’t let him. Get your best Texas twang ready, because here are his words exactly. “Direct your son in an unconfusing way. Don’t buy him Barbie dolls or girl’s clothes. You don’t want to do things that seem to support the confusion at this stage of the game. Take the girl things away, and buy him boy toys. Most import … Read More

via Raising My Rainbow


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