This is not disruptive

UPDATE:  Here is the student editorial response posted on Thursday, 2/17.  These particular lines from the editorial make sense coming from highschool students if the administration doesn’t even understand the level of bias and violence walled into their buildings.

“Our readers are not being given enough credit if the public sincerely believes students will begin engaging in violence against LGBT students based on the opinions of one individual.”

Fact: 2009 School Climate Survey: 9 of 10 LGBT students experience harassment at school, with nearly half reporting physical harassment at school and a fourth reporting physical assault at school based upon their sexual orientation:

Fact: Over 1,000 LGBT people were brutally assaulted in hate crimes in 2009.  This even as hate crimes are notoriously underreported and the vast majority of anti-gay crimes do not result in ‘Hate Crime’  charges.  U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2009 Hate Crime report:

The violence is already here.  The article simply condones it and DOES disrupt the educational environment for queer students who ARE part of the learning community.

Where the hell is the local and district administration ?!

ORIGINAL POST:  According to an anonymous Wichita School District spokesperson an article in the Wichita East High School student news paper citing religious calls for the execution of homosexuals is not disruptive to the learning process. via KBN

In the article, the student called homosexuality a disruption and said it should be kept out of school.  He also quoted two Bible verses in which one calls homosexuality an abomination.  The other says it  should be punished by the death penalty.  

The news report on the controversy which has arisen from this article closes:

The Wichita School District defended the printing of the article.  Officials said it was one writer’s opinion, not the entire journalism staff.

A spokeswoman said in a statement, “Staff by law cannot stop the article if it is not libelous, slanderous, and doesn’t cause a disruption.”

Yea.  Go with that official school district spokesperson.

Or.. how about if you’d tried this one instead… The faculty member in charge of the paper read the header and never read the text of the article until it hit the streets.    Seems from the excerpts to be more likely what happened and I for one would prefer to suspect a lazy staff person was intentionally duped by a misleading header than to think your leadership believes an article advocating violence against members of the student population is not disruptive.

Wow. Talk about professional FAIL !

Below is the text of the article from the online newspaper for East High.  The student commenters to the article appear to understand how this article is threatening and ‘disruptive.’

“Homosexual teens alienated by current societal trends”

The topic of same sex relationships is a minefield for any writer, especially for a high school reporter. It ranks at the top of highly debated issues including abortion and interracial relationships. Not only is this a big controversy in the adult media, but also is prominent with the teenage population, as many homosexual students have to suffer insults and jibes by ignorant teens.

When students walk through the halls of their schools, it is a common sight to see a boy and a girl being intimate. This same expectation of intimacy though, is not held true for same sex relationships.

It is rare to see that kind of passion between two girls or two guys in public, and when it is seen, it often unnerves students and makes them feel uncomfortable. This is especially common among the younger high school population, most likely freshmen, who are not used to witnessing anything like that.

Maybe there just are not that many homosexual couples that are open about it. No, that isn’t it.

Possibly it could be that same sex couples just are not as intimate as heterosexual couples. Definitely not it.

Or maybe it could be because these same sex couples are scared, or intimidated.

Some youth that we have grown up with have never truly accepted or welcomed the gay population. Groups like the Gay-Straight Alliance here at East High try to make the relations between the hetero- and homosexual groups more conjoined as a student body. It is an honorable attempt, though how effective it really is, is yet to be seen.

However, the generation preceding our own has had such an anti-gay sentiment that it is difficult for our generation to accept these same sex relationships as a commonality.

These relationships just are not normal. One thing to notice is that there is legislation against homosexual marriage. However, there are no legislative restrictions to same sex dating. Dating does often lead to marriage, so same sex dating should be frowned upon.

Some teens see it as abnormal, as well as the intimacy that comes with it. Some people believe that since the Bible verse Leviticus 18:22 said “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination,” they do not think it is proper for same sex relations.

Also, less commonly cited, is the death penalty called for in another Bible verse, Leviticus 20:13, “If a man also lie with man, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.” These are the most common arguments against homosexual marriage and/or dating.

Same sex dating in high school is not accepted by many, despite the efforts of a few. It is a social disruption in many cases, and should be kept out of school to ensure our educational mission with as little of a distraction as possible.

Colin Johnson•Reporter

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3 responses to “This is not disruptive

  1. Lisa

    I’m flabbergasted by the stupidity of no seeing this for what it is; advocacy for further hate crimes and bullying. It makes me sad.

  2. Julia

    The comment thread at the school paper also makes it sound like the student newspaper’s faculty adviser was quite involved in producing this article.
    So there goes my theory of the duped teacher. Sounds like perhaps the school district really does endorse this kind of hostile and biased climate. If that is the case I hope they pay dearly at the bank for endorsing and facilitating discrimination.

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