Apparently Jesus doesn’t want the GSA to have a meeting space

Seattle Pacific University has banned a campus student LGBTQ support group named Haven from official existance:

At (a January 25) meeting, Jordan informed Haven leaders that they will no longer be granted the right to reserve rooms on campus for group meetings. In addition, Jordan told the student leaders he will no longer discuss the possibility of official club status for Haven, a group dedicated to discussing sexuality, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer issues.

The history of institutional bias against this small community of LGBTQ students seeking a safe space is stunning – but really not so much. But now has picked up on the story and soon I expect SPU will be claiming they need a Haven from the widespread criticism they will now face for their explicit bias and discrimination.

Last month, administrators at Seattle Pacific University — led by Dean Jeffrey C. Jordan, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of Student Life — told an LGBT group on campus that the University would not officially recognize them as a student club.

The group, known as The Haven, have been working to get recognized by Seattle Pacific University for years, but keep running into opposition from leaders at the school. In January, Dean Jordan told students with The Haven that they would no longer even be allowed to meet informally in classroom space. That led students to conclude that senior officials at Seattle Pacific University want to define LGBT students “out of existence.”  (more at

Sheesh.  These ‘Christian’ schools like SPU and Halton School District really need to rethink the old WWJD mantra.


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  1. Lisa

    Another post leaving me speechless. I’m not Christian, but isn’t Christianity supposed to represent love? Is that even legal? I mean, don’t we have the right, according to the US Constitution to “assemble peaceably”, or are Christian schools exempt from Constitutional law?