Radio Silence

I need to go back to my research and writing today. I have deadlines charging toward me and I have been avoiding this material for over a month now. My academic work is roughly on the fish tank rather than the guppies inside it, yet those vulnerable guppies swimming in poison keep giving me nightmares at night.

So for the next little while I am going to make myself reopen those slightly dusty boxes and reconsider case after case of teachers, administrators, rules, and practices that make queer kids targets for brutal violence and ultimate isolation. I am going to stop blogging for a little while as this is my refuge from facing what I find to be my real vision into darkness. That darkness for me is the names, the faces, the freckles and crooked teeth, the awkward laughs and withheld tears of children who are slowly and quickly consumed by a gender and sexuality discourse that requires their banishment in order to exist.

Dramatic? I admit I am… and right now this is just how I feel.

There are hours and hours of old posts here from the past few years you may find interesting reading. And the blog link bar will send you to wonderful places as well. And I posted a link to a wonderful book by Ruth Behar that is helping me get past this little avoidance hurdle if you’re academically minded. 

Thanks for stopping by daily these past months and hopefully in two weeks I’ll have this writing out of my way and be back for more cultural observations, updates, and fun.


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  1. Lisa

    Best of luck!