Children’s marketing and gendering children…

Over at Sociological Images I came across this link to a ‘remixer’ that combines the audio from boy toy commercials with the video from girl toy commercials.

Gender Advertising Remixer

Imagine the conversations this little remixer could generate in a classroom.  Better yet, try it!

I’m a big fan of the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood organization which regularly instigates actions against  violent and sexist  children’s toy ad campaigns. 

I am also a big fan of TrueChild formerly GenderPAC who explain on their website:

Decades of research have documented clear and strong links between internalized gender norms and harm to young people in three key areas: reproductive health, academic achievement, and youth violence. This will be familiar to any parent of an adolescent during the “gender intensification” years, when desire to fit into traditional gender roles accelerates, and belief in narrow gender norms intensifies.

There really is a consumer advertising onslaught plugging itself directly into the minds of our children.  If we don’t teach them to develop a critical consciousness we are leaving the market to dictate their values and desires.


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