Jury selected in the murder trial of Lawrence “Larry” King

Lawrence King (Shot at school on February 12th 2008)

Three years and two months after the classroom murder of 15-year-old Lawrence King by 14-year-old Brandon McInerney a jury has been selected to try this case.

You can look back here to see an old 2008 Time magazine article on this murder, Prosecuting the Gay Teen Murder.  Lawrence King was a gender non-conforming and self identified gay teen as well as a person of color the oft ignored fact of the early coverage of this murder.

His murderer Brandon McInerney repeatedly expressed anti-gay hostility toward Lawrence and openly threatened to kill him on more than one occasion.  Early in the investigation of this murder the police also discovered Brandon espoused to white supremacist views.

A trail of legal conflicts involving the McInerney’s defense team’s expert Dr. John Hoglan and defense team claims against the district attorney’s office have  riddled the prosecution of this crime.

The trial date is now set for May 2, 2011.


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