It’s the forest, not the tree…

(Reuters) Wednesday, April 27, 2011 – A school board in Clovis, New Mexico, voted to ban all extra-curricular clubs from meeting during school hours after a gay-straight alliance applied to become a club.

Every now and again I post an article about a school district administrator or a local politician’s  hostile response to student desires to form a Gay-Straight Alliance.  And for a minute I think to myself, well sure that’s the way they are in  Corpus Christi…I mean Toronto… I mean Rhode Island

Then I think, didn’t I just post on another news story that was sort of similar to this.  One where a school administrator was going on the 6 o’clock news to explain why he sent a kid home for looking too gay?  He wasn’t punishing the kid, mind you, just sending him/her home because that darn gayness was making school unsafe.  Kind of like allowing a GSA might make things unsafe for the principal at his next golf game?  But you know, I guess that just the way they think in Florida… I mean Louisiana … I mean Tennessee

At least up in the Northland, my home state of Minnesota, administrators know how to keep their mouths shut about the lives of gay youth in schools.  In fact the Anoka-Hennipen school district has made a written policy and an art out of professional silence in the wake of suicide after suicide of LGBT youth in their schools.

And then my random associative thoughts regain focus and scurry back across the map to land again in Clovis, New Mexico.  There on Tuesday night, the Clovis school board decided to prohibit any extra-curricular club from meeting during school hours or using school resources to meet and gather.  This decision was announced on the same week an upstart G.S.A. was openly planning to hold a first meeting.

See what you gays have done.  Now all 14 extra-curricular clubs are shut down, including The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

And don’t forget to throw in that point about how the gays are ruining the lives of Christians.  Superintendent Julie Carbajal down in Corpus made sure to pit a hand full of allies and gay kids trying to start a GSA against the entire Christian community in her school district as well.  These are not new or unique moves.  These are not special locations where people are particularly hateful.

THIS is where we are. 

And so I think, it starts right here.  Right here.  Where ever in this diverse country right here is. 

Instead of saying, we can’t do that here because you know how people are in this town… in this state… in this part of the country…

We start saying, you know how people are…

So we’ve GOT to do this right here.

There are kids dying, and kids brutally attacking kids, and families falling or tearing one another apart.

All because pink toe nail polish doesn’t gel with the Great Santini’s parenting plans.

So, no.  I guess it’s not just the way they are in New Mexico.  It’s a whole damn forbidden forest. 

So it seems to me that it is more than time to pick a side and start clearing wood.

Right here.


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