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What does a straight ally look like? See: Ben Cohen

Listen to CNN’s inverview with athlete and straight ally Ben Cohen.


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Tyler Clementi’s nemesis gets his first day in court

“The story is not a pretty one.  There is violence in it. And cruelty. But stories that are not pretty have a certain value, too, I suppose. Everything, as you well know (having lived in this world long enough to have figured out a thing or two for yourself), cannot always be sweetness and light.”
— Kate DiCamillo (The Tale of Despereaux)

Not only should Ravi be held accountable but Rutger’s University should be held accountable for managing a climate so openly hateful and hostile to a young gay student.

I’ll post the Oregon  bullying laws here later today.  Systems can and should be held just as accountable as individuals who make life unlivable for other people.

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Another ally – give a damn – straight people gotta carry some water video

Just saw this new Singapor Pink Dot Campaign video:

Add that one to the Ireland BeLonGTo Campaign video that came out not to long ago:

And of course here in the good old U.S.A. Cyndi Lauper has been trying for some time to get teh straights to give a damn:

It’s enough to make a gal hopeful on a sunny Sunday morning.


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Teaching Hate Logic 101: A lesson from Rep. Alan Seabaugh

“This bill is intended to promote an agenda and teach alternative lifestyles,” Rep. Alan Seabaugh, R-Shreveport said, ending the cautiousness that governed the discussion for a half hour. “Let’s not delude ourselves about why we’re here,” he said, alleging that the bill came “straight out of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender legislative playbook.” The next steps, he said, would be “lawsuits against your local school boards” and putting “books in elementary schools” that “you don’t want them to read.”  quoted in this article about the slow intentional and explicitly anti-gay defeat of the Louisiana Safe Schools Act

Rep. Austin Badon who proposed this bill and others, most of them black Democrats, disputed the negative characterizations of the bill, noting the broad scope of the committee version but also defending gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students as worthy of protection.

House Republicans encouraged and supported by the Louisiana Family Forum defeated the proposal in a 43-54 vote.   The article introduces this situation with the suggestion that this vote represents a defeat to gay rights activists.  That is such an underestimation of the scope of who is harmed by anti-gay harassment and bullying in schools it is silly. 

This is not simply put a defeat for gay rights activists, this is a full-scale and highly public endorsement of gendered and sexual orientation violence and abuse in the schools.

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Principal harasses girls holding hands and gets approval from Superintendent

POMPANO BEACH, FLA – The nation’s sixth largest public school district has cleared a high school principal accused of lecturing and threatening two female students with suspension for holding hands on campus. The students say the principal also “outed” them to their parents.  (source)

This little news story needs a little unpacking….

Because while Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach’s  Principal Karlton Johnson is most certainly a particularly aggressive heterosexist jerk, it would be easy to stop there and think dang that dude has a real problem.

But that would miss what I see as the main point here.  Which is when the complaint was forwarded to North Area Superintendent Sharon Airaghi. On May 13, she sent the student a letter stating Johnson was within his rights and had violated no district policies by his warning to them. (same)


So there’s that.

The entire system is intent upon these two girls being isolated from one another, from their families, and from the school community.  In fact the ultimate leaders of the educational community in this case are managing that isolation themselves and are more than happy to defend that management.

Now I don’t want to get too personal on this little blog.   I mean I do… and I don’t… Continue reading

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Luminous being Don Lemon continues to shine his light in dark places

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Luminous beings are we

“Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.” – Yoda

Don Lemon of CNN’s on his new book Transparent and on coming out as gay as well as a survivor of childhood abuse:
Mr. Lemon said he knew that coming out this way would stir up a degree of comment about other television news personalities, and whether any would acknowledge being gay.

“I think it would be great if everybody could be out,” he said. “But it’s such a personal choice. People have to do it at their own speed. I respect that. I do have to say that the more people who come out, the better it is for everyone, certainly for the Tyler Clementis of the world.”  NYT


Ben Cohen a world-class English rugby star, and Hudson Taylor is a three-time college all-American wrestler.  These  two high-profile heterosexual athletes have dedicated a great deal of their lives to the issues of bullying and homophobia in sports. They have come out as allies and attempt to use their notoriety to transform sports anti-gay culture.

… In a world where no active American athletes in a major male team sport has declared his homosexuality, it remains rare for athletes to chime in on the issue of gay rights. Recent exceptions, beyond Avery, include Grant Hill and Jared Dudley of the Phoenix Suns, who recorded a public-service announcement decrying gay slurs in sports.

Cohen and Taylor are going much further. NYT


There are more and more examples of this type of illumination lately… in the greater world and in my personal life.

I haven’t the energy tonight to write a post about this sort of generous living as Out that embraces life and humanity.

So I’ll just say my thanks and go to bed.

We are each others angles.
We meet when it is time.
We give each other gifts
And we show each other signs.

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