Tennessee’s ‘Gay people are a dirty word’ education bill moves forward…

Tennessee’s state Sen. Stacey Campfield (R) has been working on this for years…
In the first interview below you can get a taste of his feeling about teh gays.  I expect a less gentile interviewer will get  him to  speak his mind more freely on the subject.  (Hint to AC please invite him on 360…)

From CNN

Interview number two still talks about teachers being careful to not take away the values at home while simultaneously making sure children don’t graduate socially illiterate.  

As you can hear in the first interview with Stacey, Silence and Neutrality are being equated as per usual.  In the second  the old ‘this issue has two sides’  liberal neutrality argument is posed as a luke warm solution. 


So here we get past the silence and move into a more liberal neutrality.   And which home values are we still tacitly expected as educators to support in our even-handed presentation of teh gays here?  Oh that’s right the home values where gays are demonized and hated, the values that justify stripping them of any rights and voting to ban speaking about them in public.   

I guess that’s the respecting ‘both sides of the issue’ teaching that’s going to be considered a better option.  But actually as an ethical educator I’d have to disagree with this position.  If one side of  issue is to present gay lives as human and the other is presenting them as subhuman, there aren’t really two sides for professional educators to present even-handedly. 

Because on the one hand there is the APA, AASC, the AMA and every other medical, psychological, and social science association’s side – in which LGBT people are fully human… and then on the other hand there is the anti-gay homophobia ‘hate group’ side  which is recognized by all of these professional organizations as a toxic poison killing both LGBT people as well as perpetuating gender and sexuality violence across the board in schools.

So for the record in my opinion – as well as that of all of our social sciences and the medical field there are not two legitimate sides when it comes to anti-gay values.  In addition there are not two neutral and equivalent sides to present in the classroom for a curriculum that poses misogynistic arguments, racist arguments, ablest arguments or any other social dispute in which a minority population is vilified, stripped of rights, and threatened with death on a regular basis as a legitimate position about the ‘issue.’

That sort of educational neutrality – I don’t really need either.

Reposting my favorite comic on the topic to close this post because I love it…



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4 responses to “Tennessee’s ‘Gay people are a dirty word’ education bill moves forward…

  1. But of course, AERA, the world’s LARGEST research organization, who has scads of queer researchers as members, who’s work underscores the dangers of silencing queer people and issues in public schools, remains paralyzed with foolishness.

    I guess we’re not human enough for AERA’s leadership…..

    • Julia

      AERA is so embarrassingly late to this dance I have a hard time counting this organization among what I consider to be the professional social science organizations at this point. When I think of the power exerted in the APA’s position which literally defined a field and the intentional silence of AERA it is clear to me which side of history this professional organization intends to be standing on.

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